Google Chrome Commercial: Dear Sophie

Tonight I saw one of Googles commercials for Google Chrome. It wasn’t on tv but funnily enough on the Google owned Youtube, but I had to share. Usually their adverts are pretty boring, but this one gave a direct reason, and a very good one at that, for people to use their services. It also gives off that warm feeling of a caring company within which I usually get from Apple commercials.

Anyway, enough chatter more showing…Let me know your thoughts on it.

Dear Sophie…

Modern SEO: 4 Things You Need To Consider…







It seems like 95% of the SEO people I come across out there are doing practices that are 5 years out of date. This is because they are lazy and do not study the ever changing environment that is internet marketing.

The job isn’t hard, it just requires creativity…

So let me list to you the 4 key things in SEO that you now need to consider…

1) Local SEO
Many of the searches people do on Google now have localised listings. This can give a leg up to a website that isn’t actually trying to push for that keyword you searched, the website is just RELEVANT. So make sure you get your Google place listing sorted, other websites such as Yelp, encourage your visitors to review your product/service/website on these and get into the localised mix.

2) Social
Social Media and SEO used to be seperate. Not now. For the past few months the search engines have stated they use social signals in their ranking algorithms. So what does this mean? It means, get ALL your social media accounts up to scratch, promote them on your site, share content on them and use them as a new customer service tool. Reach out to your customers. Give them reasons to follow you. If you do this, I can guarantee they will use you more.

3) Content Content Content
Content is becoming the key attribute in internet marketing. It links everything. So the moral of the story is, get fresh, relevant, and interesting content added to your site. Share it. Encourage others to share it. If you do this right, people will talk about you on social media websites, they will link to you, they will basically send traffic your way for just what could be one simple awesome article.

4) Links
Many old fashioned SEO’s see links as a main part of SEO. It is and it isn’t. When I say it isn’t I mean, people put all their focus on going to get as many links as possible, from any sites possible. Not cool. What you need to do is, get your site listed on relevant sites and directories (hotfrog, dmoz, etc) and then focus your energy on giving people a reason to link to your site. This is where the content part links in. Make your site a great place for people to visit, even if it is just a bakery, why not put recipes on there. If you do this, people will come, link and share.

If you need help with your internet marketing or SEO please feel free to get in contact with me chris (at) cconlinemarketing (dot) com.

Solar power feed-in tariff to be cut. Get your Solar Panels NOW!

A rush to sign up for solar power began yesterday after it emerged that energy tariffs paid to homeowners who install roof panels are to be halved in just six weeks.

Under the move, the feed-in tariff –which pays solar panel owners for electricity they generate for the National Grid – will be slashed by 50 per cent for anyone who installs them after December 12.

So if you are interested in having solar panels on your roof, and securing 50% more return than if you wait until after December, then please go to

The Jay Demerit Movie…

Today I heard about the movie that has been made about Jay Demerit, the current Vancouver Whitecaps player and ex college soccer player. At first I was like “Blah”, but then I started to think what this guys career has been like. He went from playing in college, to being an MLS dropout, to playing in pub leagues and parks in England to man marketing Wayne Rooney out of a World Cup game last year. Quite the story.

Here is the trailer;

Free mp3 from the band I manage, The Transmission


A lot of you may be aware that I manage a band, called the Transmission, and in celebration of our former guitarist, Matt Lewis, we are giving away one of the tracks he played on.

All you have to do is go here and follow the instructions.

I hope you enjoy and let me know your views on the song.


P.S. If the link doesn’t work copy and paste this URL

So, this #rubyscam, what’s it all about?

If you have no idea what this is about, it is regarding a scam I uncovered recently in where someone had pretended to have cancer and supposedly died. However, they did not…

Basically I can’t give too much away, due to legal reasons, but here is the LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG story short of the whole situation.

Yesterday I found a profile that belong to a girl who looked awfully like the Ruby girl who supposedly passed away nearly 2 years ago…

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Check out the new Apple Operating System iOS5

I heard a few weeks back that Apple were finally updating their troubled IOS4 operating system. It looks like they are finally sorting everything out in one easy download.